Issei Ohshima


Assistant Professor

Department of Life and Environmental Sciences

Kyoto Prefectural University

My research investigates the process and mechanism of evolution of complex traits.  I am focusing on host shifting events in phytophagous insects, which require evolution in adult female preferences and larval performances.  I am interested especially in the genetic basis of ovipositing female preferences and larval performances.  My current work involves QTL mapping of the genes responsible for host adaptation using the leaf-mining moth Acrocercops transecta as a model system.


Top.  Working in a field cage.

RIght top.  My experimental material, a small leaf-mining moth Acrocercops transecta.

Right bottom.  Collecting mines in the field.

About Me


name  Issei Ohshima

location  Kyoto, Japan

University  Kyoto Prefectural University

E mail  issei (at) kpu (dot) ac (dot) jp