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Plants form beautiful organs such as leaves and flowers. Their development is achieved by cooperated cell division and differentiation. 

One of the biggest questions in plant science is how plant cells recognize their place and proper timing for differentiation to creat an organized organ. 

To understand the molecular mechanism of plant organ development, we are focusing on develpmental processes and morphogenesis of plant organs in several plants including orchid, morning glory, mint, Arabidopsis, and galls that insects induce in plant organs.  

Anybody is welcome to join our team to enjoy the attractive plants with words of molecular biology.




Movie: Flowering Habenaria radiata / サギソウの開花動画

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1976 Born in Oita, Japan / 大分市生まれ

1989 Oita Beppo Elementary School / 大分市立別保小学校卒

1992 Oita Tsurusaki Junior Hight School / 大分市立鶴崎中学校卒

1995 Oita Maizuru High School / 大分舞鶴高校卒

1999 B.S. @ Kyoto University / 京都大学理学部 卒業

2001 M.S.Sci (biology) @ Kyoto Univeristy / 京都大学大学院理学研究科 修士(生物学)

2004 Dr. Sci. (biology) @ Kyoto University / 京都大学大学院理学研究科 博士(生物学)

2004~2007 Post-doc @ JIC (UK) / ジョンイネスセンター(英国)ポスドク研究員

2007~2011 Assistant Professor @ NAIST / 奈良先端大特任助教

2011~ Assistant Professor @ KPU / 京都府大助教

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