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Laboratory of Pomology - Kyoto Prefectural Univeristy

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Main research

We usually performs field, green house and in vitro experiments. More specifically we conduct basic and applied researches on fruit growing in environmental friendly systems, resource conservation, and labor saving production to develop sustainable fruit growing.

In addition to sustainable agriculture we research on organic agriculture, soil microbiology, Biocontrol, non-pesticide and reduced fertilizers.

Our group also has international collaboration projects, such as Indonesia (Cacao), Brazil (Guava and Fusarium decaying), Germany and Uganda. In Japan, we conduct research on cooperation fruit growers mainly to stimulate environmental conservation farms.

The Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences offers undergraduation and graduate courses (Master and Doctor).

Research Interests

- Mycorrhizal studies

- Soil microbial community in fruit orchards

- Organic agriculture

- Biocontrol of soil-borne plant pathogens in fruit orchards

- Sustainable fruit growing

Lab. Colleagues


(Akihiro Itai)

Membership Societies: Japanese Society for Horticultural Science, Japanese Society for Breeding, International Society for Horticultural Science


Takuya Morimoto

Membership Societies: Japanese Society for Horticultural Science, International Society for Horticultural Science


Mr Tsubasa Izawa (4th Grade)

Mr Mateus Oliveira Gomes (Master)


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1-5 Shimogamo Hagicho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8522, JAPAN

Office phone/fax: +81-75-703-5608
E-mail: andre(at)kpu(dot)ac(dot)jp